Exceed’s Recommendations For All Client Facebook Sites

By Karl Schaller, Vice President & COO

Facebook is a powerful tool for building your center’s community (and that’s good), but it can also be a real stumbling block to your marketing if handled improperly. An unmanaged and undisciplined Facebook site for your business can spell disaster or fines. It is important to understand the power of this tool and why it is so important to get it under control.

Fines for showing people being treated in your program! Such fines can be as much as 250,000 per instance. Or, the individual or their loved ones can sue you. Also, showing minors in dangerous situations can get your program shut down. Remember, what goes on Facebook stays there forever. Be highly selective of your photos, or make your normal Facebook page so it is private. That is preferred and allows us to put up a Facebook page for the purpose of marketing your program.

For optimum marketing support, sometimes it is best to keep a marketing Facebook

page that is separate from your current page for donors or others in your close community. According to Facebook rules, “Businesses can create two accounts. But you must use a single Facebook account to manage the multiple pages.”

So, we recommend that you allow us to create a new marketing Facebook page for you that specifically focuses on marketing your program. It would contain the best photos, videos and other content meant to communicate with people who may want to enroll in your residential program. To allow us to do that, just add the following Facebook user address as a manager on your current site and we will create a second marketing site: davidbolthouse@gmail.com

We further recommend that you control the content of your current site, and that includes what others are saying on your page. Here are Facebook settings that Exceed recommends:

  1. STOP COLLABORATION: Remove all posts from other people and the ability for them to post to your wall.

  1. ELIMINATE REVIEWS: Remove all reviews (though FB is changing to remove the star ratings, it is still a difficult area that is better left shut off). There are some

exceptions to this rule, including Facebook sites that already have a large number of positive reviews.

  1. STOP COMMENTS: Remove all comments from others (though FB will not allow the removal of comments about photos you post). Again, there are exceptions. Specifically if your program is not getting a lot of negative comments. Facebook currently prevents turning off photo and video comments.

  1. PHOTOS: This is not a setting, but we recommend that you control what photos go on your Facebook page. We’ve seen some clients get into major trouble by posting photos of individuals who haven’t given written permission to show their face. Remember, if you are susceptible to HIPAA rules, you could receive a severe reprimand.

Again, on your marketing FB site, we will make sure it remains your brochure, and post only the best photos and news there. We’ll prevent all images that might be misunderstood or do not represent your program appropriately. We will be sure there are NO hurdles on your Facebook site.

HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR RANKINGS: Whether or not we help you with your Facebook page, for SEO It is important for it to be consistent with your website. It must have the exact same name, address, website URL and photo number in the ABOUT section as

is on your website. Whatever else you have on Facebook is of no concern to Google. If your admissions phone number or email is different than your main phone and email, you can also add those in the ABOUT page. As long as the exact address is there, having added information will have no negative impact.

Exceed is currently testing targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram, we are testing ways to utilize social media to generate leads for our clients.