Exceed Protects Your Site 24/7

Cyber AttacksExceed has seen a significant increase in the number of cyber attacks on all websites over the last 12 months. Part of what Exceed does is to protect your site from any viruses or cyber attacks. There are a number of reasons why bad people do this, and most attacks are from overseas. The outcome that Exceedmanages for you will be that the attack will eventually stop happening because each login attempt is being thwarted. Until then, the administrative side of the site (where we make changes) is almost at a standstill as the host throttles all attempts to log in. Nothing can happen on the administrative side. Be assured that hackers will not access the site files. We also do daily virus and trojan checking of all of our sites to make sure that nothing like that is ever added to your site and we back up the site daily. Most sites are attacked several times per year, and especially https sites, since they assume you have something sensitive on the site if you are willing to pay for https encryption security.