Exceed Helps Program For Girls Go From Struggling To Consistently Full & Expanding

By Karl Schaller, Vice President & COO

Randy SoderquistIn 2016, Randy Soderquist, Owner and Clinical Director of Re-Creation Retreat in northern Arizona was searching for a way to improve the marketing of his residential treatment center for girls. “We were getting

only around 12 to 15 leads each year from the web, and I didn’t want to spend more time learning about digital marketing.” So,

Randy continued, “I decided that Exceed is on the cutting edge of what Google (and other search engines) are doing. We didn’t have to hire an in-house team to do what Exceed does for us.”

“Now, the majority of our leads come from our website,” Randy said. “We’ve thankfully been full.”

Randy is now starting two new ventures, Quest Girl’s Academy, and Principle-Based Living.

Quest Girl’s Academy is a boarding school for girls focused on preparing teen girls with academic anxiety for a lifetime of joyful learning. The boarding school will offer many artistic concentrations, including video, photography, culinary arts, and music.

Principle-Based Living will provide online learning for success at home, at work, and in the community through workshops and webinars.

While Randy’s organization is very successful, he is concerned about current societal trends and how they might affect his group’s ability to provide significant life impact. He is mostly concerned about the insurance industry and who changes in it may affect his ability to operate.

He say, “I’m also concerned that we are becoming a victim-society. We’re moving away from individual accountability. With social media and reviews, it’s becoming difficult

to take a correct stance without offending someone. As the state increasingly ties our hands, I’m concerned for the kids and how they will take care of themselves.”