Let Exceed Help You Prepare For The Dips And Climbs In Leads, Which Are Different For Each Residential Industry

By David Bolthouse, President & CEO

After a seasonally slow Summer (really slow!), the Fall is now off to a good start for our boarding school clients. Leads in the summer basically came to a standstill from early June to early August. It is important to know these seasonal trends, so you aren’t caught with empty beds when the slow times come, or are not prepared for the onslaught of leads at typically busy times.

Here is our experience of the general seasonal trends (year-round boarding schools only)…

January — Very strong for the first 3 weeks, then a lull February — Medium until mid-month then strong March — Medium

April — Medium May — Medium June — Slow

July — Slow to Dead

August — Slow first two weeks, then build back to strong

September — Medium until mid-month then strong October — Strong

November — Strong until mid-month then holiday slump

December — Medium strong until mid-month then holiday slump. Can be strong at year-end.

The goal then is to make sure that your marketing efforts are ramped up when it will produce results, not during the otherwise slow times. Asking us to push up advertising in the dead summer months, for instance, will do little to generate leads. Also keep in mind that world events and instability greatly affect boarding school leads. During these times people will do some tire kicking, but most will not commit.

Due to our work with building organic rankings, most programs with a solid reputation and less than 30 students will not need the added cost of PPC advertising, unless they have a sudden exodus of students. All things being equal, many of our other clients spend between $1500 and $3000 per month for sponsored listings (pay per click ads) in order to gain 2-4 new additional students per month. With PPC you can expect to enroll roughly one new student for each $750 per month you spend, if it is managed well.