I Experienced Admissions Success Thanks to Exceed!

Scott Smith, former Admissions Director of Agape Boarding School
Scott Smith, Best Choice Network

When I served as the Admissions Director of the 125-bed Agape Boarding School in Missouri, my passion was to work with and help families.  At first it was frustrating, because at that time I had to depend entirely on referral sources to fill the beds. It was always a struggle since we had no control over how many students would come our way from the referral sources. If they decided not to refer to us, we were left with no new students. So, we decided it was time to take our destiny into our own hands and seek professional marketing help…that is when we found Exceed Marketing Solutions.

David Bolthouse, the founder of Exceed, was for many years a marketing and advertising consultant to major corporations. He got into working with this industry after his own teenage son had to be sent to a therapeutic boardings school. Though the struggle of searching for the right program for his son, he learned that this industry needed a lot of marketing help.  And that’s what he began doing at first for the program where his son attended. His efforts to build national attention for that program caught the attention of other similar programs, who began asking him for similar assistance.  That was nearly over decade ago.  Now his company Exceed works with programs across America, focusing on improving the marketing and ultimately increasing the number of admissions gained from their own marketing efforts.

I saw with my own eyes how marketing momentum was built by Exceed.  Like most institutions, the wheels of change rolled slowly at Agape, so we didn’t move ahead as fast as Exceed recommended, or I am sure the results would have grown faster.  Instead, we adopted a little bit of what David was telling us at a time, and it all worked!  As David promised, we eventually stopped being dependent only on costly referrals, and we were also able to avoid competing based solely on low price, and we could be more selective about the students, avoiding those that could be disruptive to our program. From our own marketing, we began getting so many leads in every day that we were also able to more than double our tuition rate and still keep the beds full (see the charts below).  Great leads began consistently flowing in from all over the country; ones that were much more relevant to our school because we could shape the marketing message to our own program.


What isn’t shown above is the powerful net effect on the school’s bottom line, which was and is HUGE!  More students, better students, less dropouts, doubled tuition, and lowered costs.  But as I have talked to other clients of Exceed I have learned that this isn’t unique to Agape’s experience.  Other clients are experiencing the same success.

With proper marketing, any quality program can thrive because there are literally thousands of parents searching for help every month.  Until now, only the big schools could afford to do marketing the right way, so they caught most of the leads.  Now, with Exceed’s help, any program can be equally found in the search engines. That is what professional marketing operation does…and I saw it all happen at Agape, firsthand!

Exceed starts by revamping and managing each client’s website; in positioning, design, content, and in marketing platform. Then they discretely link all of their clients’ sites together and add their own custom plugins. This causes the website to jump up in rankings and quickly be found by hundreds of keywords that parents use when they search, not just by their program name. But that is just the start, because Exceed acts as the client’s entire marketing department, doing whatever is needed to generate more leads and thereby fill up the program. Tactics and the search engines are changing all the time, and Exceed keeps up on what is working, instantly implementing new tactics or making changes, no matter how costly they are to Exceed, while not charging the client a dime more than the flat fee.

Should paid advertising be merited, Exceed also entirely manages that program for its clients, including the complicated management of pay per click campaigns within the search engines.  While Exceed makes no royalties or commissions from online advertising, the daily management of it is very time consuming, but necessary. Very costly mistakes can be made by those less seasoned, so Exceed manages these advertising programs for its clients and charges nothing more for this work. They control and adjust many elements of the advertising daily to ensure the client’s advertising investment is being well spent on generating qualified leads at least cost.

Though Exceed clients know they can leave at any time, most have stayed with them for years. These clients would never go back to the “old ages” of being dependent on referrals, educational consultants and placement services.  Instead, today they are fully in control of their own destiny, and many are making enough money to offset their entire marketing costs through their own referral program.  In other words, out of the many leads they are now getting, some are referred elsewhere and they can gain kickbacks from referral services.

So, I know from experience when I say that the sooner you get started with Exceed, the sooner your program will be found across America, and the sooner your marketing momentum will begin building.  When that happens, everything about your program will get better.

Scott Smith
Best Choice Network LLC

What Our Clients Say...

"The name EXCEED is perfect for this organization. They have always EXCEEDED my expectations when it comes to our marketing needs. They helped us design a new website and continue to manage it with excellence. Their guidance was invaluable. We are thrilled with the results and feedback we receive from the website. The SEO (search engine optimization) efforts they do on our behalf get outstanding results. Our search engine rankings maintain in the top spots in many critical areas. David and his staff are incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to online marketing. I have found EXCEED to be the best use of marketing funds that I have ever approved. Bottom line…they get results."
–"Dr. Tim" Coldiron, Founder & Executive Director Promise Village: Home for Children

"We started using Exceed during a downturn in admissions. We saw an immediate impact and since we began using them we have not had a month go by that our beds were not full. The best investment we have ever made in the area of marketing. I highly recommend their services."
-Shawn Blankenship -- Director, Brush Creek Academy & New Lifehouse Academy

"Exceed has proven their expertise through our website design and traffic. With the help of Exceed, over 90% of our student body is from traffic created directly through our website. For many years, we relied heavily on outside sources to refer enrollments into our program. Not only has Exceed allowed us to convert more leads into placements, it has improved the quality of leads inquiring. We have a greater conversion rate and oftentimes have a wait list! Thank you Exceed for your efforts in helping us stay full through driving the appropriate clientele to our site!"
-Jim Jones -- Founder, Wolf Creek Academy

"My board and I have been amazed at the results. Since 2012, when we first started working with Exceed, we have doubled our annual income, allowing us to significantly increase the number of students we take in. We have also doubled the size of our staff, given much needed raises to our employees, upgraded much of our facilities, and even recently embarked on a major building project. I can honestly say that we are doing the best job we have ever done in helping troubled boys and their families. Partnering with Exceed has been a key factor in our success."
–Darren Reynolds, Executive Director, Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

“I wanted to share how grateful our ownership team at Stonegate Center is for all of your work. I can honestly say that we would not still have our doors open if it were not your staff. You have helped us refine our website into a tool that families all over the United States can truly inform and educate themselves on regarding the nature of our program. When we came to you, our presence on Google was pathetic and now our inquiries have shot through the roof. We look forward to partnering with you for many years to come.”
–Robert Shyroc, Director of Development, Stonegate Rehab Center, Ft. Worth, Texas

"Exceed has helped us develop a comprehensive marketing platform that allows us to transcend across regional boundaries to reach families that are hurting and needing help for a child that is out of control. David has been working with us for about four years on every step of the way. It has been a wonderful pleasure to work with Exceed and the guidance that they bring to the table in our niche."
–Charles Steward, Gateway Military Academy

"The websites look amazing and we so appreciate the great work your team is doing to assist the parents in finding us. You are a gift to Teen Challenge. Thanks so much for the ministry you have in the kingdom of God in the technology driven world. You guys are truly a blessing to organizations like Teen Challenge. ”
– Jerry Nance PhD, President, Global Teen Challenge

“Exceed has been so gracious through constant support and expert advice in an industry that is highly competitive. I know I can rely on their experienced team to consider my own creative ideas and apply experience and knowledge to bring it all together. Thank you Exceed for being there with me from the beginning and seeing me through what is generally the most challenging time! Your support and expertise have made it so easy!"
–Jennifer Del Giudice, Director, Providence Pass/Teen Key of Light

“Exceed's work and our resulting calls are astounding. Thank you!”
David Bosley, Master’s Ranch Christian Academy

"Our target goal for enrollment was 120 boys. After Exceed started helping us, we actually hit 120 for the first time. So, admin found a way to squeeze in 4 more beds and we also filled those. Now I am able to refer more parents to other schools, and due to the increase in parents contacting us we are able to be more selective in the students we accept. We were also able to increase our tuition rate! Our entire program has improved so much thanks to Exceed."
-Scott Smith, Admissions Director, Agape Boarding School