All Clients Should Be Using Our Easy Review Tool, Everyday!

By David Bolthouse, President & CEO

Most people today won’t buy anything without first checking out the online reviews of the product or service. It’s possible to do a quick verification of almost anything, so you aren’t burned by a bad purchase or a bad dinner. So, if people check reviews of things like toilet paper and restaurants, how much more are they checking out your

organization before considering it. Fact is, most experts agree that you need at least an overall 3.5-star rating to appear credible enough to be given the time of day. And having no reviews at all really shoots your credibility.

Exceed closely monitors all the ways that our clients can leverage the various online review pages, like Yelp, Google My Business, and others. That’s why created the EASY REVIEW TOOL. It is a page within your site designed to help you make reviews very simple for your constituents to post on Google and Yelp.

HOW TO USE IT: The first thing you should do is to send an invitation to your friends, relatives, staff, board members, and others. The link is usually myreview. Check it ti verify before you send the link out. Include the Easy Review Tool link everywhere you can, including in newsletters, fundraising letters, and in your

email signatures, asking people to give you a 5-star review. Send an individual email to everyone you know, but do so to no more than 25 people on your list per week, so the reviews happen more naturally.

The reviews on the employment sites (Indeed and Glassdoor) are CRITICAL as

well. Your prospective customers look at those to determine how well managed you are! You need to get some good reviews there to counteract the bad ones. We do not have a link to those.

Exceed works very hard to get people to come to your website and inquire. Bad reviews will destroy all of that work, and it can ruin your organization’s reputation. Please start using the Exceed Easy Review Tool today to keep ahead of bad reviews. Also monitor your reviews (as ew do as well) to be sure to respond quickly and smartly to anyone who may write a bad review. The very best option is to do all you can to get them to take the bad review down, because it will hurt you for years to come. You’ll need at least ten really good reviews to counteract one bad review.