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Even For-Profit Residential Programs Can Benefit From Fundraising

We sell our constituents short if we believe generosity stops after payment for services. If that were true, universities would never ask their alumni for a gift. Hospitals would only charge for services and not contributions. And museums and zoos would survive ONLY on admission and membership fees.

Spotlight: Re-Creation Retreat

In 2016, Randy Soderquist, Owner and Clinical Director of Re-Creation Retreat in northern Arizona was searching for a way to improve the marketing of his residential treatment center for girls. “We were getting only around 12 to 15 leads each year from the web, and I didn’t want to spend more time learning about digital marketing.”

The Top 5 Ways To Convert A Lead Into An Enrollment

Many admissions people fail to be successful as they could be because they fail to describe the distinct values of the program quickly in their initial call. This message is a must as most people are shopping around and you only have their attention for a few minutes. You need to give them something to remember!

The Top 5 Ways To Turn Off A Good Lead For Your Program

Don’t talk about the distinctive values of your program vs. others. Poor or late follow-up – leads grow cold in a few hours. Fail to notice the massive impact of bad online reviews. You sound overworked, harried, or uncaring – need to set the caller at ease and be empathetic with their situation!.

Your Facebook Page Is A Major Marketing Tool And Needs To Be Maintained As Such. Also, Beware Of Privacy Issues, Or You Could Be Fined Or Sued.

Facebook is a powerful tool for building your center’s community (and that’s good), but it can also be a real stumbling block to your marketing if handled improperly. An unmanaged and undisciplined Facebook site for your business can spell disaster or fines. It is important to understand the power of this tool and why it is so important to get it under control.

Positive Reviews Are Needed, More Than Ever, But Should Never Be Faked

Google and Yelp are more diligent than ever before at removing reviews if their algorithm thinks the reviews might be fake. Both will also take legal action, or delist your site, if they find you are faking reviews.

Ignored Reputation Management Will Sink Your Organization

Most people today won’t buy anything without first checking out the online reviews of the product or service. It’s possible to do a quick verification of almost anything, so you aren’t burned by a bad purchase or a bad dinner. So, if people check reviews of things like toilet paper and restaurants, how much more are they checking out your organization before considering it.

Important New Google Requirements for Nonprofits and Others

Google is adding more and more requirements that will affect you in the days ahead. Our rehab clients are already reeling from the Google announcement last Spring that PPC ads will no longer be allowed for that industry. Now, Google is adding more requirements that will affect all of our clients.

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