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Effective Year-End Fundraising

By Tim Gunsolley, Exceed Fundraising Counsel Great football teams know how to win with minutes left on the clock. And everyone knows that most major gifts are given in the 4th quarter of the year. Here are 10 ways to increase your major gift success between now and December 31. 1. Start Now – Don’t wait until […]

Why Google? Why Not Typical Advertising?

By David Bolthouse Google and its partners represent about 85% of all search traffic, so to reach the bulk of the people who are searching, we have to do the “Google dance.” Unfortunately, Google is getting more and more restrictive and more complicated, which is leading us to seek other advertising avenues to supplement it. […]

Several Boarding Schools Close Their Doors In 2018 – But Not for Reasons You Might Imagine

By Karl Schaller Several boarding schools for troubled teens, including some of Exceed’s clients, have permanently closed their doors this year. It is happening for reasons that may surprise you. We seem to be the first to hear about it since our sister company, Best Choice Network, is sometimes called upon to help find a […]

Major Changes in Google Advertising Cause New Fee for Exceed Clients

By Dave Bolthouse I just returned from a conference with Google executives and engineers in New York. A number of changes they announced will now require us to retool all of our clients’ advertising accounts, and it will also impact search rankings. All of this is requiring us to for the first time add a […]

Are You Missing the Two Key Methods For Handling Inquiries?

By Scott Smith The Internet and other methods of connecting today are constantly changing. Anyone who depends on old methods is missing huge new opportunities. There was once a day when email was a big new thing, and most people responded to it. That is, before the spammers and scammer got involved and made email […]

New Microsoft Pricing for Schools

by Matthew Harbert, Director of Technology Development Notebooks For Students (NFS) and Microsoft have introduced hardware and softwarepolicies to address the specific needs of K-12 private and non-public schools. Volumepricing for NFS laptops and Microsoft Office Academic Products now start at five or moreunits for all K-12 educational settings. Smaller private and non-traditional schools and […]

Viruses and Cyber Attacks Increase on the Web

Exceed Protects Your Site 24/7 Exceed has seen a significant increase in the number of cyber attacks on all websites over the last 12 months. Part of what Exceed does is to protect your site from any viruses or cyber attacks. There are a number of reasons why bad people do this, and most attacks are from overseas. The outcome […]

Paying Attention To Seasonal Trends

After a seasonally slow Summer (really slow!), the Fall is now off to a good start for our boarding school clients. Leads in the summer basically came to a standstill from early June to early August. It is important to know these seasonal trends, so you aren’t caught with empty beds when the slow times come, or are not prepared for the onslaught of leads at typically busy times.

Here is our experience of the general seasonal trends (year-round boarding schools only)…

Exceed Directories Climb to #1

Many of the directories that Exceed has developed over the years are now top ranked in the search engines for many of the search terms people use to find our clients’ programs. The are visited by over 100,00 people per day, all seeking help. These directories were built to help our clients gain exposure, credibility, higher rankings, and ultimately, more leads. We are adding 2-3 directories a year, either starting them from scratch or buying them. Being listed for free in our directories helps our clients on several fronts:

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